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IKEA Introduces the New 2017 Stockholm Collection


IKEA Introduces the New 2017 Stockholm Collection

April 3, 2017

The new Stockholm collection, from the Swedish home furnishing retailer IKEA, is all about the beauty of doing things at the right pace. It is a collection of furniture and home accessories using natural material that have taken their time to come to life.

The first Stockholm collection was launched in 1984. Each new collection is different from previous ones, but they all share some common characteristics: Scandinavian modernity of the highest quality in form, function and materials — but at an affordable price.

As a carefully curated collection of 47 pieces, made from natural and tactile materials such as rattan, hand-blown glass and ash, it is designed to mix and blend with what is already at home and been made to use and enjoy, every day.

While working on the Stockholm collection, IKEA conducted a survey in November 2016 to know how people think and feel about time wellbeing and the other topics that inspired the collection. More than 10,000 people in Sweden, Italy, Germany, China and the U.S. participated. The below headlines were introduced;

54% feel that a harmonic, homely house makes it easier to relax
49% would like to spend more time outside, in nature
23% think that being constantly digitally connected increases stress
48% care about balance of the soul and wellbeing
33% think that wellness means consciously slowing down and recharging
32% believe that if you decelerate your life, your quality of life improves
36% would like to take more time for things in daily their daily lives
34% think handmade products are higher in quality
41% want to know where the goods they buy are manufactured
34% would like to live more sustainably



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