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Al-Futtaim Auto Centers offers a range of vehicle care solutions under the FastCare brand that are designed to help you maintain your vehicle during the ownership period. Al-Futtaim Auto Centers works directly with manufacturers to source and supply the highest quality goods of the FastCare range, which also includes FastKool, FastLube and FastTyre.

  • Bio Power Insect Remover: Made from renewable sources to keep your car insect free.
  • Octane Booster: Improves engine performance by increasing octane levels up to 15 points.
  • Guard Fill Petrol: Works to optimise fuel quality.
  • System Cleaner Petrol: Removes gum and varnish from the fuel system to improve efficiency.
  • Nano Engine Protect: Creating a nano friction protective film to protect the internal surfaces of the engine and related components.
  • System Cleaner Oil: Removes dirt from internal engine surfaces and boosts power while reducing oil and fuel consumption.
  • Engine Oil: Manufacturer approved oil.
  • Tyre Range: Unique tread designs available to provide grip on any surface.
  • Window Tinting: Full range of colour shades providing 99.9 per cent UV protection.
  • Tracking devices and speed limiters.
  • Health and Safety: Including roadside assistance kits, customised branding for businesses and ergonomically designed bespoke tools.
  • Engine flush: Digital flush monitoring with in-built air compressor.
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