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TWG Tea’s collection, the largest in the world with well over 800 different single-estate, fine harvests and exclusive tea blends from all of the tea-producing countries. TWG Tea is the forefront of tea gastronomy, integrating a myriad of these signature teas
into savoury recipes, imparting unique flavours, toying with taste buds, tantalising the palate, and introducing a whole new world of sensations and flavours to tea lovers when dining at TWG Tea.

With breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner specialties, as well as trendsetting tea beverages and mixed drinks, tea is woven into every aspect of the meal - an unmistakable nuance that deliciously enhances each dish.

TWG Tea at Dubai Mall
Tel: + 971 432 53 857

TWG Tea at Dubai Festival City Mall
Tel: +971 428 55 193

TWG Tea at Yas Mall
Tel: + 971 256 50 360

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