CMC Motors Group Ltd. was appointed the distributor for MAN Trucks and Buses in January 2010. The main product originally sold was an MAN TGA 33.400 Prime Mover for long haulage. The MAN product range has now been expanded to include buses, tippers and medium cargo truck markets.

  • MAN Bus Range: CLA 18.220, HB3 18.310 (62 Seater) and HB426.310 (67 Seater)
  • MAN Truck Range: CLA 15.220 Rigid, CLA 30.280 6×4 Prime Mover, CLA 30.280 6×4 Rigid Truck and TGS 33.400 6X4 MAN, available in both Tipmatic and Manual engines.

The MAN Truck and Buses range is extremely versatile and is suitable for a wide variety of transport applications such as national and international long haul transport, agriculture, food and beverage distribution, courier services, furniture transportation, municipal services, special application vehicles, severe duty vehicles, construction and mining.