This is an exciting time to be a Volvo driver. The past few years have witnessed a departure from traditional design philosophy to a whole new school of curves and lines. While making this transition to modern design ideas, Volvo has continued down the road of innovation, as a leader in safety and autonomous driving.

The brand has always been synonymous with “safety” with many considering it a pioneer. This journey began way back in 1927 when founders Assar Gabrielson and Gustaf Larson decided that every Volvo car must be designed around people and safety must be the brand’s first priority. Built on this belief, the first Volvo car, the 2.0L ÖV4 rolled out of the production plant in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ever since, Volvo has been driven by a unique Swedish approach to car design, which promotes the excitement of driving without a worry. This can be seen in all our models, from our earliest luxury cars, the Amazon of the 50s, the iconic P1800 to today’s state-of-the-art XC90 and exciting S90.

Volvo’s commitment to innovation has been unwavering and continues even today with cutting-edge features that make driving a truly pleasurable experience. Present-day models come equipped with patented technologies such as IntelliSafe – a safety and driver assistance technology; and Sensus – a comprehensive navigation and entertainment system.

The brand’s vision is to make every car on the road completely safe in the years to come. The altruistic E.V.A. initiative was launched to share all its safety research with competitors, much like it did with its patent for the three-point safety belt in 1959, which has saved an estimated 1 million lives since.

Volvo is headed towards 3 clearly defined goals:

  • No one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car by 2020.
  • They want to give back to their clients 1 week of quality time per year through a new Volvo car by 2025.
  • Around 50 per cent of the cars they sell should be electric, by 2025.

Its ambition of making driving a Volvo car an exciting experience has been driven by the introduction of Drive-E powertrains, which offer more power but lesser fuel consumption. While this makes hearts beat faster, it also makes Volvo a leader in the race to reduce CO2 levels. Staying the course to a cleaner environment, Volvo already offers a broad range of award-winning Plug-in Hybrid powertrains with pure electric vehicles on their way. Add to it new designs, refined luxury and active safety features, and what a driver gets is the freedom to move, sustainably and freely.

Today, customers can choose from premium-segment car models in three versions: Sedans (S60, S90), Versatile Estates (V40, V60) and Cross-Country vehicles (XC60, XC90).

In the UAE, Volvo is represented by Trading Enterprises, an Al-Futtaim group company established in 1971. Since 1985, it has been the sole authorized company in the UAE to import Volvo cars and sell them in showrooms around the country. It is also the authorised after-sales service provider for their vehicles in the UAE and is widely regarded as a benchmark in the region by Volvo.

In Qatar, Volvo is represented by Doha Marketing and Services Company (DOMASCO), which is also the authorised after-sales service provider.