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Our Global Presence




Lat Lng Title
24.441517 54.625593 United Arab Emirates
26.03654 50.54402 Bahrain
26.62736 29.88289 Egypt
0.527918 37.89285 Kenya
33.82895 35.75099 Lebanon
20.56522 55.92848 Oman
29.93588 69.29746 Pakistan
25.30618 51.17727 Qatar
23.59861 45.09182 Saudi Arabia
7.592689 80.62269 Sri Lanka
-6.50617 35.09668 Tanzania
1.454976 32.12408 Uganda
38.9698 35.59641 Turkey
22.28174 114.1475 Hong Kong
29.30812 47.43666 Kuwait
4.303257 102.0657 Malaysia
14.42513 121.5329 Philippines
1.381428 103.7936 Singapore
14.96161 100.3984 Thailand
22.1987 113.5439 Macau

Al-Futtaim is present in more than 20 countries, enhancing and enriching the lives of millions every day. From our home in the United Arab Emirates, we have extended our corporate family across the Middle East and into Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Middle East
Al-Futtaim is fortunate to call Dubai home. Yet, our regional presence today extends well beyond the United Arab Emirates into Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, and Lebanon.

Al-Futtaim has made inroads into sub-Saharan Africa, where we are present in the key growth markets of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


Many wonderful opportunities to touch the lives of people in Asia have led Al-Futtaim to grow and prosper in Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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