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Al-Futtaim Learning Center



Al-Futtaim Learning Center offers all employees the opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills, thereby enhancing their career with Al-Futtaim.

Al-Futtaim Learning Center aims to improve the performance of Al-Futtaim’s employees by providing the right learning solutions, wherever and whenever they need it. To achieve this, learning and development solutions need to directly address the needs of the individual businesses and improve to both employee and company performance. Learning solutions from Al-Futtaim Learning Center support employees in advancing in their career aspirations and are delivered in a consistent way to all businesses and employees across the group.

Value added learning services offered by Al-Futtaim Learning Centre include:

Business Driven Needs Analysis: Business leaders will direct learning investment to solutions that will have the biggest impact on their business performance. An annual learning plan is established for each business, with a consultant assigned to ensure the plan is effectively delivered.

24/7 On Demand Learning: Through a dedicated online learning management solution, Al-Futtaim’s employees are responsible for managing their own career and performance development with access to a wide range of professional development modules and programmes.

70/20/10 Learning: Al-Futtaim Learning Centre employs a blended 70:20:10 learning model to focus efforts and resources on workplace development and collaborative learning experiences, not solely in formal classroom training.

World-Class Leadership Development: Integrating a predictive success profile for leaders at all levels throughout the organisation, selected employees are participating in leadership development programmes to help them improve their capabilities to lead and engage all employees to perform at their best.

Career Pathways: Many employees join Al-Futtaim with the aspiration to advance to new opportunities in the future. To retain the best talent, learning and development is organised by roles to help employees understand how and what capabilities to develop, not only for their current role but to be considered to advance to other roles within the group.

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