An American Curriculum and IB World School

To nurture a community of integrity and academic excellence.

Owned and operated by Al Futtaim Education Foundation, Universal American School is an American curriculum and IB World School, operating as not-for-profit in the heart of family friendly Festival City.

Universal American School was founded in 2005. Since then they have served students every day, helping them become compassionate, confident learners who know who they are and what they stand for. There is a wonderful feeling about this school which comes from their mission:

“To Nurture a Community of Integrity and Academic Excellence”

Universal American School is deeply committed to providing students opportunities to identify and achieve a personal best in everything they do. Whether it be through their innovative and future focused integration of learning technology, their creative arts program, the sports and athletics programming, or through their various opportunities for student advocacy and student agency.  Universal American School  students know that they matter and belong in our learning community.

This is an American international school that adds value to the already rich and challenging International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum framework. They emphasize the importance of well- being and purpose through relationship building. This is highlighted by their comprehensive student support services as well as through their business partnerships and commitment to developing internship opportunities with Al-Futtaim.

Starting in 2019-20, alongside the IB Diploma Programme and our general High School courses (based on AERO/Common Core Plus standards), UAS introduced a selection of Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students in Grades 11 and 12. This parallel track empowers students to make more personalized choices in their education. Moreover, it serves as an opportunity for students to seek alternate routes to post-secondary education.

Students don’t really leave UAS. Rather, they move on with two pieces of paper in their hands. One that says they have accomplished something they are very proud of, and another that says they are going somewhere they want to be. Universal American School  knows this because every year, many of their students return to school from their next adventure; appreciating that Universal American School have helped them become the best possible version of who they already were.