Al-Futtaim and its associated companies and subsidiaries (Al-Futtaim) would like to alert the public of various fraudulent emails and social media invitations that are being circulated claiming to represent members of Al-Futtaim’s senior management to solicit illegal business by offering fake loans and financing schemes. Companies and individuals are typically invited to apply for these fake loans and financing schemes which request the individual to pay a percentage of the loan amount as an ‘arrangement fee’ in advance.

Al-Futtaim would initiate appropriate legal and criminal action against such fraudsters as we deem appropriate in order to minimise these incidents.

We request the public to be wary of any such communication that uses the identity of Al-Futtaim or its officials without authorisation to obtain confidential information or induce financial transactions and investments. Al-Futtaim, its partners and directors accept no liability whatsoever for losses, if any, suffered by anyone who falls victim to such scams from fraudsters.

We urge the public to be vigilant and should they receive such an email or social media invitation, to follow the instructions below:

  • Please do not respond to the sender or attempt to call any of the numbers mentioned in the email.
  • Immediately forward any suspicious messages that you receive to the following email

How to spot a fraudulent email:

  • These emails are mostly unsolicited: i.e. they would be sent to you without you requesting any information.
  • The ‘Sender’ email ID would typically be from free third party email providers. A few samples of recent fake email addresses are provided below:
  • These email addresses do not belong to Al-Futtaim.


  • The content would tend to be attractive offers related to finance schemes, lottery winnings and project financing.
  • Senior management names that are easily available in the public domain may be used in the email to appear more credible.
  • Typically the email will contain multiple spelling mistakes and be unprofessionally worded, and may contain poor quality logos, which have been reproduced from the Internet.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation.